Not your average 3D Printer!

The Fablicator is a brand new 3D printer design, unlike any other FDM printer on the market. It is an extremely accurate, solid, and versatile rapid prototype machine!

We have designed the Fablicator to be a professional desktop 3D printer which meets the needs of designers, engineers and inventors alike. Our printers are shipped fully assembled and calibrated. Also, all the necessary interface software is preloaded, so it can start printing right out of the box.

Since the Fablicator includes a complete Windows PC, install your preferred CAD program and it is possible to design, edit, and print your creations all from one place - making it a truly a complete turnkey 3D prototype solution for your office, laboratory, or factory.

Built for the professional world at a price a startup or entrepreneurial tinkerer can afford.
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