Located in Allentown PA, K&L Services Group Inc. specializes in providing electronics manufacturing services from consulting and training to design and assembly. A Pennsylvania registered corporation K&L Services Group Inc. founded in 2003 by industry professionals who possessed long hands-on, real world experience both in the technology as well as the unique challenges customers face every day in launching new products.

The “Fablicator” 3D printer product started in just this fashion, trying to answer a need without there being a good existing solution being available on the market. While several 3D printers were being sold in the marketplace they all had limits of either high cost or less than great print quality. Our goals were to make a user friendly system that would be very reliable. A product that would produce repeatable high quality prints while doing it at reasonable cost so the average commercial design office or serious hobby enthusiast could afford it without breaking the bank.

We believe the “Fablicator” has accomplished this by combining a strong mechanical platform and purposeful designed and manufactured extruder for highly repeatable print quality. Then add-in our custom electronic control interface with user friendly software. All of which arrives installed on a dedicated computer ready to run right out of the box. Be it for prototypes, 1 up replacements or even low volume production this small foot print 3D rapid printing system should be a helpful addition to any design office, lab or creative shop.

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