What's included in the package?

Each printer kit includes the following:
• Fablicator 3D printer
• Power Supply Cable
• 1 Spool of High Quality ABS Plastic Filament
• 1 Spool of High Quality PLA Plastic Filament
• 2oz Glass Eyedropper Bottle
• Windows Licensed CD (already preinstalled)
• Digital Calipers
• Spool Holder
• 1/16inch Allen Wrench
• 1/8in Allen Wrench
• Safety Razor Blade
• 12 Month Parts and Labor Warranty (excludes consumable materials)

Additional Optional Material For Sale:
• Computer Display with Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
• Garolite Print Bed Kit (for printing nylon filament)
• 1.75 mm High Quality Filament 12 Stock Colors Available in Standard ABS, PLA and PETG Plastic Filament
• Static Dissipative Carbon ABS Black Plastic Filament
• Anti-static NanoTube ABS Black Filament
• Anti-Static NanoTube PETG Black Filament
• Nylon Natural Plastic

All prices listed are FOB Allentown, PA
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